About Brian

Brian Young recently graduated with a Master’s degree from Dartmouth College, where he focused on development, globalization, nationalism, culture and identity. His thesis explores the effects of GNH on Bhutanese society. Brian is currently working on an ethnographic film on the Brokpa and, in collaboration with Dartmouth’s DEN, is developing a mobile app that allows individuals to customize GNH in order to reflect on personal well-being. Along with his extensive fieldwork in Bhutan, Brian has conducted fieldwork in Zimbabwe and has traveled to numerous other countries. He has studied at UC San Diego and Oxford University. Brian is currently applying to pursue doctoral studies in cultural anthropology.

Education & Skills

Dartmouth College • Master of Arts in Liberal Studies • 2013-2015
Advisors: Chris Sneddon, Aimee Bahng, Donald Pease
Thesis: The Impact of Development in Bhutan on Family, Identity, and Everyday Rural Life Thesis Field Research in Bhutan: Development and its impact on culture focusing on the Brokpa of Merak. Interviewed government and Bhutanese citizens about development policy. Lived in Chaling jungle in Bhutan with semi-nomadic yak herding family

Oxford University • Summer Abroad • 2013
Summer abroad program (part of Dartmouth MA degree). History, Politics, and Society.

Ethnography, Analysis, Qualitative Research, Interviews, Data Analysis, Critical Thinking, Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Social Anthropology, Culture Change, Spanish language, Dzongkha language

Volunteer Experience & Causes

Assistant Editor • 2013 | Education
MALS Journal (Dartmouth College) • 2014 | Education
Served as an assistant editor for the MALS journal at Dartmouth College reviewing manuscripts.Dartmouth Graduate Mentor • 2013 | Education
Dartmouth College Graduate Studies
Served as a mentor for undergraduate students.Community Outreach Volunteer • 2013
Martin Luther King Jr. Initiative: Geisel school of Medicine, Dartmouth College
Worked with refugees from Bhutan on diabetes education.Athletic Events Volunteer • 2013
Winter Special Olympics: Hanover, New Hampshire
Volunteer setting up, taking down and running athletic events