Journal Manuscript Reviewer
Journal of Contemporary Ethnography • 2015
Reviewed manuscript submission for journal.

Guest Researcher
Royal University of Bhutan, Sherubtse College • 2014 • Kanglung, Bhutan
Researched GNH development policy, urban migration, capitalism and nationalism and its impact on everyday life.

Graduate Student: Master’s Thesis Field Research
Dartmouth College • 2014 • Bhutan
Development and its impact on culture focusing on the Brokpa of Merek. Interviewed government and Bhutanese citizens about development policy. Lived in Chaling jungle in Bhutan with semi-nomadic yak herding family

Shejun Agency • 2014 • Thimphu, Bhutan
Collaborative research led by the University of Cambridge documenting Bhutan’s cultural heritage; added video, audio, and previously unwritten language from interviews and documenting traditions, and practices from my filed research sites to digital archive to be stored in Bhutan National Library

Collaborative Researcher
Sherubtse College, Royal University of Bhutan • 2014 • Kanglung, Bhutan
Collaborative research project with Geography department: impact of development in the village of Merek focusing on three generations and the changing definition of the family.

Independent, international, ethnographic field researcher
University of California, Irvine • 2011 • Bhutan
Part of independent course in anthropology PhD program, Advisor: Professor George Marcus
Topic of Study: GNH and Tourism’s Effect on Bhutanese Development
Explored Gross National Happiness (GNH) and the government’s guide to ethical development by living among locals. Findings demonstrated that Bhutan’s focus on the preservation of its culture is used as a vehicle for development through tourism. Showed how this development is impacting and changing the meaning of happiness for the people of Bhutan. Presented results to Anthropology Now Journal.

Ethnographic researcher
University of California at San Diego • 1993 • Harare, Zimbabwe
Independent anthropology course, Advisor: Marc Swartz
Topic of study: Transportation systems representative of Harare Culture, focusing on Emergency Taxi (E.T.) ride sharing
Found that the traditional Shona religion created, defined, and influenced this informal transportation system. Conducted open-ended interviews and participant observation in the Emergency Taxi System in order to observe its organization, function, and inner workings. Presented results with additional research in 2009 as a paper at graduate African Studies conference at Stanford University

Honors & Awards

Dartmouth Entrepreneur Network Grant
Dartmouth Entrepreneur Network • 2015
Received funding for students to code and design an app I created for mobile devices measuring well being in the country of Bhutan.

Neukom Institute Travel Grant
Dartmouth College • 2014
Received funding to present thesis research at UN sponsored conference in Bhutan

Graduate Student Council Travel Grant
Dartmouth College
Received funding for thesis research in the country of Bhutan.

Masters of Arts & Liberal Studies Thesis Award
Dartmouth College • 2014
Received funding for thesis research in Bhutan.

Study Scholar
Dartmouth College • 2014
Received study scholar when writing thesis.

Masters of Arts & Liberal Studies Scholarship
Dartmouth College
Received scholarship for masters of arts and liberal studies program.

Graduate Alumni Research Award
Dartmouth College • 2013
Received research award to support master’s thesis research in the country of Bhutan.

High Distinction Honors
Oxford University • 2013
Received honors in history, politics and society program.