Publications & Presentations

Masters Thesis: “The Impact of Development in Bhutan on Family, Identity & Everday Rural Life” [View Link]
Masters of Arts and Liberal Studies, Dartmouth College • 2015
Discusses research on development and the impact on culture in Bhutan.

“Living with the Brokpa Economic, Political and Social Change in Bhutan,” [View Link]
Anthropology Now Journal • September 2015
Cover photo and article published in journal.

“MALS Spotlight: Brian Young” [View Link]
Dartmouth Masters of Arts and Liberal Studies Journal • 2015
Discusses master’s thesis research on development and the impact on culture in Bhutan.

Guest talk: “Modern Development and Women and Gender in Bhutan”
Dartmouth College, Department of Women and Gender Studies • 2014
Guest talk in undergraduate women and gender studies course at Dartmouth College.

Paper presentation: “Brokpa of Merak and Developments impact on herders’ livelihood and traditions” [View Link]
International Conference on Population and Development • 2014
Presented master’s thesis research in Bhutan at an international conference sponsored by the UN.

Guest Talk, “Development and Impact on Culture”
Royal University of Bhutan, Sherubtse College • 2014
Gave a guest talk at Sherubtse college to an undergraduate class.

Articles in Dartmouth’s “The Graduate Forum” Community Newsletter
“MALS Student Presents at UNFPA Conference” [View Link]
“Academic Chair Hosts Presentation Series” [View Link]
“Graduate Alumni Research Award, Brian Young” [View Link]

“Graduate Student Makes Trek to Bhutan’s Chaling Jungle” [View Link]
Dartmouth Now
Article speaking about master’s thesis field research in Bhutan.

“American Student Researching on Nomads’ Vis-à-vis Modernization” [View Link]
Bhutanese Broadcasting System (BBS) • 2014
TV and radio program highlighting master’s thesis field research in Bhutan.

Paper presentation: “Religion’s Influence on the Emergency Taxi (E.T.) Ride Sharing System” [View Link]
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA: Graduate African Studies Conference • 2009
Presented a paper at a conference at the graduate forum for African studies at Stanford University on my research in Zimbabwe and religion’s influence on a ride sharing system.

Created and taught course: Bhutan and Development’s Impact on Culture [View Link]
Osher at Dartmouth • 2014
Created and taught a five week course at Osher at Dartmouth on Bhutan and development’s impact on culture.

Anthropology Now

Journal Published in September 2015
Cover photo by Brian Young. Article by Brian Young. [Read Now]

UNFPA October 2014 at Sherubtse
Presented at the 3rd International Seminar on Population & Development at Sherubtse College, Bhutan. [View Schedule & Abstracts] [Conference Site]

AGLSP 2015 Annual Conference 2015
Presented at The Associate of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs Conference at Stanford University. [View Link]

[TEACHING] Modernization’s Influence On Bhutan’s Policy Of Gross National Happiness And Its Impact On Culture

[Course taught for OSHER@Dartmouth in Fall 2014 - Link] Description…

[ABSTRACT] Bhutan: The Paradox of Identity and Development

[Presented at Stanford University's AGLS Conference in Fall 2015,…

[SPOTLIGHT] Dartmouth MALS, Fall 2014

[Featured in the Dartmouth MALS Spotlight, Fall 2014: Brian Young…